Make Sense of the Information You Have

Alphacortex is the fastest way for people to access the information that matters to them.

Overcome Information Overload

Why we created Alphacortex

Discover a better way to know

Stop searching and start knowing

Rich Schemas

There is an underlfing structure to your data. Make use of it with Alphacortex. It's the first knowledge engine that helps you organize and index your data according to a taxonomy that you define!

Fast Lookup

Instead relying on keyword search and scanning through pages of irrelevant results, Alphacortex uses hierarchical lookups so you can find the specific information you need in a matter of seconds!

Flexible Integration

Alphacortex works with the tools that you use today. No need to go all in on yet another knowledge base - we provide pre-build integrations that indexes your data where ever it might be.

Here’s some more things you’ll love.

Take control of the information you care about

Schema Templates

Use pre-selected schemas to hit the ground running. Whether it's keeping track of project documentation or the Tuesday office meetings, we have templates to get you started.

Hierarchical Search

Normal search struggles with ambiguity.  With hierarchal search, you specify the context so you always get results relevant to what your looking for.

Centralized Access

Merge data from multiple sources under a single domain and access everything in one place through a common schema. One Alphacortex to access everything that matters to you.

Schema Flexibility

Maybe you don't know the schema of your data. Maybe it changes over time. That's okay - Alphacortex allows you to start of completed (un)structured  and evolve your schema over time.

Powerful Expressions

Lookup information using wildcards, regex and domain specific attributes. Alphacortex has everything you need to find the specific thing you're looking for.

Custom Integrations

If you are using a custom knowledge base, integrate it with Alphacortex using our public APIs. Whether that's doing it in house or using one of our integration specialists, you'll be able to access your information using Alphacortex no matter where it lives.